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Just one of the many tools we use!With a Free Consultation, free moisture meter reading, friendly employees, and no-hassle service, why wouldn’t you want to schedule an appointment? Shower/Bathtub cleansing: We offer an excellent solution for deep cleaning shower walls and floors for soap scum, mildew, water minerals and more. It’s a great idea for new home-owners or sellers to retain maximum investment. It’s also good for periodic maintenance to protect against mildew and water damage (especially in the Northwest.) We also re-caulk all of the edges and patch up grout wherever needed.

Main Services

Tile Installation:

We install granite, travertine, porcelain tile, ceramic tile, all natural stones and man made tile. We also offer mosaics, glass and many other rare tiles.

Grout & Tile Restoration:

We use our penetrating grout cleaner in order to remove dirt, grime, grease and bacteria.

Grout Cleaning:

We can make any floor look brand new with absolutely no odor or mess.

Expert Sealing:

Our Penetrating Grout Sealant lasts 6-10 years with no discoloration or peeling. The process is quick, and very cost efficient to the customer.


Over time tiled areas will naturally begin to deteriorate, becoming discolored from normal use. Our process of grout replacement will give you that “new” look at only a fraction of the cost. The job is usually completed within less than a day, allowing use after 48 hours of completion.

Epoxy Grout:

We can do all grouting, however epoxy grouting is the most durable of the three grout types: sanded grout, non-sanded grout, and epoxy grout. Epoxy grout does not need to be sealed and does not stain.

Leaky Shower Repair:

Leaking showers are an easy fix. The best way to secure a leaky shower is to re-grout the areas in the shower which are leaking (entire shower recommended) and re-seal it with a strong sealer (511 impregnator or epoxy sealer.) Once completely sealed, it is then caulked with 100% silicone, leaving your shower perfectly sealed!

Cracked Tile Repair:

If you have cracked, broken, or chipped tile, we will remove and replace it. The drying process takes less than 24 hours and your walls and floors will look brand new again.


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